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SATs Results

Children in Year 2 and Year 6 take end of key stage assessments each year, which provides outcomes data for the school. This data helps to show whether the standards of the school are in line with the national expectations and helps to support us in identifying areas which may need to improve.  


Key Stage 2 SATs results


There were 15 children in Year 6 this year (2022/23)


Only 12 children took all of the SATs papers:

  • One child joined after the tests had taken place
  • One child was not present for the week during SATs


Our school results are therefore calculated on the 12 pupils who took the tests*: 

















Reading – Expected75%73%no published data due to the pandemic91%73%
Reading – Greater Depth18%27%16% 
Writing – Expected75%79%91%71%
Writing – Greater Depth11%21%25% 
EGPS – Expected68%78%91%72%
EGPS – Greater Depth46%36%25% 
Maths – Expected75%79%83%73%
Maths – Greater Depth29%27%25% 
Science – Expected75%83%92%80%
Reading + Writing + Maths Combined68%65%67%59%




KS1 Subject2019 School 2019 National no published data due to the pandemic2023 School2022 National
Reading – Expected67%75%67%67%
Reading – Greater Depth19%25%23.1%18%
Writing – Expected70%69%67%57.6%
Writing – Greater Depth7%15%30.8%8.0%
Maths – Expected59%76%87%67.6%
Maths – Greater Depth19%22%23.1%15.1%



Year 4 Multiplication Check

There are 13 pupils with results from this check. 

the mean average score was 22.2 (from a total score of 25)


No. of pupils achieving this score11101234


Year 1 Phonics

23 children took the phonics screening check in June 2023. 


78% of pupils achieved the pass threshold. (national average in 2022 was 75%)


Of the 23 children in Year 1 who took the test:

  • 2 pupils joined the school after the Easter holiday break
  • 4 children joined the school from January 2023 (three quarters through the phonics teaching programme.) 


Year 2 - Phonic Retakes


4 children were required to re-take the phonics screening test in Year 2. 

  • 100% of these pupils achieved the pass threshold. 


Early Years Foundation Stage


60% of pupils achieved the expected standard.

There were 15 children in Reception class in July 2023. 


55% of boys achieved the Good Level of Development 

75% of girls achieved the Good Level of Development. 


1 pupil equates to 6.7%

Here is the link to the DfE’s Performance Tables for our school: Performance Tables