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We want our children to be confident mathematicians, who excel in their learning. Teachers have high expectations of each and every child at SMBS and enable them to be successful in their achievements. 


Our curriculum is supported through the White Rose Maths Scheme and this is used in years groups: Reception to Year 6. 


The scheme uses the approaches of: all children provided challenge in their learning through the use of reasoning and problem solving, a CPA (concrete, pictorial and abstract) approach when using resources; a variety of visual representations and resources (e.g. Numicon, base 10 blocks) are used; children record in a range of ways; they are taught to use maths in a range of different contexts to ensure deeper understanding.​​​​​​​


Throughout the school we use 1:1 and small group teaching to enhance our Maths class teaching, to enable pupils to reach the highest possible standards in Maths by addressing any individual gaps or misconceptions.


Children are given regular opportunities to apply their mathematical knowledge through problem solving, puzzles and investigations. This may be using examples such as White Rose's - Problem of the Day:





At St Mary’s, we want maths to be relevant and meaningful within the real world, build pupils’ resilience, develop their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills, give pupils opportunities to enjoy numbers, enable them to make links between different areas of maths and to enable all pupils to achieve well.



At St Mary’s the Early Years Outcomes and National Curriculum will be predominantly taught supported by the White Rose Maths scheme to promote teaching through a mastery approach. Children will practise counting daily and will be provided with suitable opportunities for independent learning as well as explicit teaching. 



Our school target is 80%+ of pupils will achieve at or above age related expectations by the end of each year.


At least 80%+ of pupils will achieve at or above age related expectations by the end of Foundation stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


Through lesson observations, 100% percent of teaching will be at a good standard or better.


Through work scrutinies and pupil conferencing, 90%+ percent of pupils’ recorded work will evidence good or better effort, a range of recording methods, a range of formal and informal problem solving strategies being used, regular opportunities for deepening understanding and reasoning, and good or better presentation.

The document below provides the curriculum progression within maths, which all of our teachers use to plan their lessons. 

White Rose Progression steps March 2023

Year Group Overviews

Overview of mathematics guidance for key stages 1 and 2 - Introduction

This series of videos accompanies our Key Stage 1 and 2 maths guidance. This introductory video introduces the guidance and explains how it might be used.

Parents can download these parent/home workbook from WhiteRose Maths website (available for Yrs 1 - 6)