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Voluntary Contributions

We ask all parents to consider making a regular contribution to the school to help fund some of the activities, facilities and equipment that St Mary's Bryanston Square CE School provides for your children.


You may be aware that St Mary’s Bryanston Square CE Primary School is a Voluntary Aided School. This means that the Department for Education and the Local Authority does not provide funding required to maintain and improve the capital works at the school; this means the building and overall premises.


In Church Schools it is the responsibility of the Governing Body to ensure that the funding gap is filled. In all Church Schools the majority of this money is gathered through voluntary parental contributions and it becomes a part of the school’s budget. Any shortfall in parental contributions ultimately means that there is an impact on the school’s budget, which in turn results in less funding to be spent on teaching staff, books and other learning resources as well as the fabric of the school.


Currently, our minimum annual costs to support maintenance is £6,000 per year. In addition to a 10% cost of any capital works.


In order for us to maintain the building and grounds to the standard they are, we need to ask all of our families for a voluntary annual contribution to a school fund to support our maintenance budget.  Your contributions are vital for the school to deliver the best possible learning environment and education for your child(ren).


The annual contribution is: £45.00 per child per year.


However, we are aware that there are increasing cost pressures all round for everyone at present. Therefore we are encouraging parents to pay in half-termly payments of £7.50.


This payment can be made via our SchoolComms -

You can either make payment in one whole lump sum or in smaller amounts.


Payment Frequency

Amounts to be paid


1 payment of £45.00


3 payments of £15.00


6 payments of £7.50


38 payments of £1.20


We know for some families this cost, may be unexpected and for others this may not be an issue. Therefore we are asking for families, where they can, to make a contribution as close to the amount suggested by the Governing Board. There is also a possibility for families who wish and are able to, to make an overpayment contribution.


Thank you for your continued support in ensuring we are working towards our goal of excellence. 


Yours sincerely,


Lee Duffy          &          Sarah Bedford

Headteacher                  Chair of Governors